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Approaches and dimensions of digital transformation in government services
The Minister of ICT addressed the approaches and dimensions of digital transformation in government services at the ITU Virtual Summit and said that information and communication technology has a key role in the digitalization of public services and a way to make government services more efficient and easier for society.
Increasing the transit of data traffic from north to south and the readiness of Iranian platforms to provide services in Azerbaijan
The Minister of ICT met with his Azerbaijani counterpart to discuss the establishment of joint data centers between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan to host useful international content and services.
Finds 33% of Technology Providers Plan to Invest $1 Million or More in AI Within Two Years
Industrywide Funding for AI Expected to Increase Through 2022
According to polls Half of Business Technologists Produce Technology Capabilities for Users Beyond Their Own Department
Business Technologists Primarily Responsible for Building Analytics Capabilities
FTTH subs likely to grow from 99M to 197M by 2026
The FTTH/B subscribers are likely to grow from 99 million at the end of this year to 197 million by the end of 2026 in the European region, as per the latest report released by FTTH Council Europe.
Identify Four Trends Driving Near-Term Artificial Intelligence Innovation
Responsible AI, Small and Wide Data, Operationalization and Efficient Resource Use Will Be Key to Scaling AI Initiatives
New minister for ICT.gov introduce and take his responsibility
Issa Zarepour, the minister proposed by the 13th government, won a majority in parliament for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
Identify Five Technologies to Have a Significant Impact on Digital Advertising in the Next Two to Five Years
Gartner Analysts Discuss the Viability of Emerging and Scaling Advertising Technologies During the Virtual Marketing Symposium 2021
5G and LTE Drive Mobile Backhaul Microwave Market 16 Percent in 1H 2021
Microwave Transmission Equipment Revenue Grew 11 Percent
Empowered youth for inclusive digital futures
Today’s decision makers increasingly recognize an important role for young people in helping solve the most formidable challenges now facing humanity. This is especially true in the mobilization of digital technologies to ensure a prosperous, equitable, sustainable future.
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