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Smart home devices flourishing with Plume now managing >1bn devices
The smart services specialist Plume has announced that over a billion unique client devices are now managed by their cloud controllers around the world
Bell rings the changes with Google Cloud pact
Bell Canada has become the latest major telecom to announce its latest public cloud deal, this time hooking up with Google Cloud to give its network and IT infrastructure a leg up.
Five Middle East operators deploy open RAN and commit to knowledge sharing on the new infrastructure
“This is an extraordinary opportunity for the Middle East operators to come together to promote the development of an open technology that will help to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of our networks." Hatem Bamatraf, Chief Technology Officer, Etisalat Group
Business broadband: Best internet service provider in 2021
When you’re comparing ISPs for your business, don’t just look at speed and price. More than anything else, you want the most reliable connection to keep your business running.
Global Government IoT Revenue for Endpoint Electronics and Communications to Total $21 Billion in 2022
Over 50% of Spending Will Be Focused on Outdoor Surveillance Equipment
Preserving a sustainable space environment
According to the Index of Objects Launched into Outer Space, 2020 saw the largest number of satellites ever launched in a single year.
New standards to boost Fibre to the Home from 10G to 50G
According to ITU, Millions of homes and businesses access global networks through the cost-efficient Passive Optical Network (PON) technologies standardized by ITU. The next generation, known as “Higher Speed PON”, will provide for speeds of 50 Gbit/s per wavelength, up from the 10 Gbit/s of its predecessors.
Best hyperconverged infrastructure systems vendors 2021
According to zdnet. Most cloud services now are running in hyperconverged data center appliances, mainly because they are more than fast enough to satisfy overwhelming 24/7 demand by billions of users.
Power-sipping silicon takes aim at the Internet of Things
New intelligence and connectivity promise to not only reduce the power load for today's smart products, but to bring previously isolated devices into the IoT fold.
Iran inaugurates national “Simorgh” supercomputer
Simorgh supercomputer was inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology and the President of Amirkabir University.
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