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Identifying the Top Supply Chain Technology Trends in 2020
Gartner, Inc. has identified the top 8 supply chain technology trends in 2020.
How has COVID-19 influenced the telecoms industry so far?
The coronavirus pandemic forced the world into some very dramatic changes, with connectivity critical for continuity; but what are the trends worth keeping an eye on now?
Identifying In-Car Technologies That Can Help Mitigate Spread of COVID-19
Several Areas of Automotive Technology are Being Developed to Facilitate Safer Car Rides
Iran to Present 5G Internet Soon
Iran ICT Minister Azari Jahromi said on Sunday Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran will present 5G Internet within months.
Accelerate digital transformation with the right strategic partner
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across industries. Selecting the right partners will not only help firms execute their transformation agenda -- they'll also help shape the right agenda and prioritize initiatives based on their most immediate business impact.
All Iranian villages with over 20 households to join NIN by March
All Iranian villages housing over 20 households will join the National Information Network (NIN) by the end of the current Iranian year (March 2021), said the minister of information and communications technology.
Fiber-based broadband growing in the Middle East
The deployment of fiber-based broadband infrastructure has attracted increased interest in many markets of the Middle East due to the rising demands on data from consumers and enterprises alike.
IoT analytics create new edge computing value props for content delivery networks
According to ZDNet, Content delivery networks (CDNs) were at the forefront of edge computing in the early days of the internet. Modern CDNs are unlocking new opportunities to pair endpoint-deployed applications with endpoint device content analysis.
Return to work: How the technology, we rely on is about to change, again
Software as a service was the key to lockdown working, but as we start to leave our homes other innovations will have a role to play.
Time for shifting from typical planning approach to proactive planning under COVID-19
The lockdowns and self-isolations have changed the way consumers behave, which consequently increased use of various mobile services, and the locations of the users. For operators, this trend has triggered the need for revisiting the capacity investment plans.
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