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What is single sign-on? How SSO improves security and the user experience
Password fatigue, cloud sprawl and developer simplicity are pushing the rise of SSO.
The new MacBook Pros only make me long for an Apple custom processor even more
Apple unveiled new MacBook Pros and they bring much of the enhancements we expected they would: Powerful new eighth-gen Intel processors, new DDR4 RAM with double the maximum capacity, and—hallelujah—a quieter keyboard.
Google flips switch on Chrome's newest defensive technology
With 'Site Isolation' in use, the browser should be better protected from Spectra-like attacks designed to steal info such as log-on credentials.
Network security methods
To implement this kind of defense in depth, there are a variety of specialized techniques and types of network security you will want to roll out.
What is network security?
Network security is the practice of preventing and protecting against unauthorized intrusion into corporate networks
Best Android antivirus? The top 12 tools
There are plenty of antivirus tools for Android. Here's how the top 12 measure up in protection, usability and features.
takeover bid for Inmarsat
Eutelsat said it is considering making a takeover bid for rival satellite operator Inmarsat.
Sophos email protection receives artificial intelligence boost
Sophos Email Advanced protects emails on Microsoft Office365, Google G-Suite, Exchange 2003+
Five Steps Security Leaders Can Implement to Create A Better Customer Experience for Their Business Executives
While IT, and most businesses, have been focused on operational excellence for the past 20-30 years, Gartner, Inc. analysts said it’s time security leaders put the focus on customer experience.
Internet of Things & Embedded Security
Minimizing risk and addressing cybersecurity threats to IoT systems and embedded devices
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