ITU Forum on Conformance and Interoperability for the Americas and Caribbean Region

ITU Forum on Conformance and Interoperability for the Americas and Caribbean Region
ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization and Development Sectors (ITU-T and ITU-D) are organizing an ITU Forum on Conformance and Interoperability for the Americas and Caribbean Region in Brasilia (Brazil), 12-15 June; aiming to assist the region in its development of ICT conformance and interoperability programmes.
It is particularly important to instill a culture of conformance and interoperability testing in developing countries, as the wide-spread adoption of international standards can quickly translate into marked interoperability improvements and rapid expansions of regional ICT markets.

Conformance with ITU’s international standards maximizes the probability that an ICT vendor’s products will interoperate with those of other vendors. ITU’s Conformance and Interoperability (C&I) programme targets the increased adoption of ITU standards, and thus increased ICT interoperability, through the application of four key pillars:
  • Conformity assessment, evaluating products’ degree of compliance with ITU’s standards
  • Interoperability events, analyzing the ability of different vendors’ products to interoperate
  • Capacity building events, educating policy-makers and businesses on the importance of conformance and interoperability testing
  • Creation of conformance and interoperability testing centres in different regions of the world
The ITU Forum in Brasilia will show the progress of the ITU Conformity and Interoperability programme and assist the Americas and Caribbean region in its implementation of the four pillars. Conformity assessment, accreditation and certification are key to increase the probability of interoperability. They are also key elements towards achieving the desired level of connectivity and ‘usability’ of services for end-users and to comply with the mission of ITU to connect the world. Capacity building refers to education on the essentiality of conformity assessment, certification and accreditation based on international standards, adoption of test suites and will mobilize the political will necessary to implement them effectively. Furthermore, regional conformance assessment testing centres will form part of a global network of such centres, mandating the strictest adherence to best-practice guidelines on their construction.
May 30, 2012 08:56

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