Russian high ranking delegation met TIC managing director

Russian high ranking delegation met TIC managing director
Mr.Azar Jahromi deputy monister of ICT,head of the board and managing directof of TIC, met Mr.Ismailov,deputy minister of telecomm and mass communications of Russian federation who has come to Iran heading a high ranking delegation consisting 26 ICT practitioners from the private sector and the Russian government.

At this meeting, Mr. Azari Jahromi noted the cooperation between the two countries and called for increased cooperation in the field of ICT. Mr.Azari Jahromi also mentioned the important geopolitical place of Iran in the region and three important advantages of the transit route from Iran namely lower latancy,lower price and decreasing the reparing  time  of Iran’s transit route for international telecommunication trafic.

Mr.Ismailov  also  expressed hope to  develop  bilateral relations and cooperation in the field of ICT. He also expressed hope to develop cooperation between Iran telecomm market and Russian companies.

Dec 5, 2016
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