Domestic Traffic Tariffs Decreased for End – Users

Domestic Traffic Tariffs Decreased for End – Users
By signing an agreement between internet operators such as Rightel, shuttle, Filimo, Asia Tak, Aparat and Telewebion domestic traffic tariffs decreased for end – users.

Public relation and international affairs of TIC announced that: Accordingly, services access tariff for users which through data exchange center (NIX) to data service is reduce by half.

Mohammad Javad  Azari Jahromi deputy minister, chairman of the board and managing director of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC) announced that : Today three communication services  Rightel, shuttle and , Asia Tak along with three major service provider Aparat, Filimo and  Telewebion agreed through decrees use their own package fees for end users in the country .

He added: "In the first phase of the project that has started with purpose of reducing domestic traffic tariffs, companies can transfer their own data traffic of TIC data exchange route ".

Mr Azari Jahromi Noted: Improvement the quality of economic, social, security indicators and providing fully domestic services to users in national network to achieve resilient economy is performance of this plan.

He added: "performing this plan‘because of free traffic fees via data exchange center (NIX) wiil be reduce by 50% for end users.

Finally he said: coming soon data exchange center national information network will be inaugurated  in Shiraz and Tabriz cities , and with establishment of these centers ‘ we will witness Increase indicators quality and security this communication in the country. 
Jun 12, 2016
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Sep 25, 2023
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