» Mission

As the single telecommunication backbone incumbent of the country and the agent for the governing policies of the Ministry of communications and information technology, adhering to the principles and values of the Islamic revolution and playing its own role in and its responsibility for the sustainable development of the country and along with the social, economical, cultural and political developments of the country, TIC ‌is committed to the following key values:
1. To maintain the human resources as the main capital of the company.
2. To be customer-orientated with no discrimination.
3. To pay attention to the deprived areas.
4. To give priority to the national, social and governing interests over the economical benefits.
5. To observe the professional ethics.
6. To pay attention to the researches and the localization for providing the requirements of the company.
TIC, enjoying the technical and human capitals and as the single telecommunications backbone incumbent (the network of the communications infrastructure) of the country and also the agent for the execution of the governing policies of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology in the sector of communications and with regard to the exclusive geopolitical situation of Iran in the horizon 2025 (1404, Iranian calendar), would be "the pioneer in the sector of the information and communications technology of the country, the most leading company in the field of Telecommunications in the region (the hub of the region) and impressive in the distribution of the global communication capacities".
The characteristics of the company on the horizon of the company's outlook are as follows:
To achieve the first communication place in the region (to be the communication hub of the region).
To be pioneer in the (qualitative and quantitative) development in the sector of the information and communications technology of the country, to rely on the modern and secure technologies and to have the highest place of the region.
To be pioneer in introducing and rendering the modern communication services inside the country.
To be customer-oriented and to respond the customers' requests in the shortest time with the lowest cost in proportionate to the level of the requested services.
To be impressive and to be a role player of the international communities and unions and to have a constructive interaction with the global market.
To develop the telecommunications backbones multilaterally based on the modern technologies proportionate to the current and future needs of the local and the international applicants in order to provide the integrated, sustainable, reliable and secure infrastructural services in the field of the communications and the information technology.
To become the communication hub of the region.
To develop its specialized, committed, accountable and active human capital.
To develop the services qualitatively and quantitatively.
To become a customer-oriented and productive (efficient and impressive) company.
To have an effective presence in the regional and the international communications market and communities.
To increase the revenue generation in the framework of the Article of Association of the company (with due observance of the social benefits and respect for the competitive environment of the private sector).
By the reliance on the Almighty God and the dependence on  the intellectual capital originating from the specialization, commitment, and experience of  the staffs of TIC as the inclusive telecommunication backbone incumbent of the country and in accordance with the general policies stipulated in Article 4 of the Articles of Association and as the agent for the execution of the governing policies, TIC is  determined to lead, manage, organize, market, develop,  improve, implement, maintain, put into operation and supervise on the infrastructural telecommunication network of the country in order to meet the  requirements of the country in the field of communications and information technology. In this regard, this company undertakes the task of transmitting, routing and managing any types of traffic (whether voice, image or data) of the authorized applicants, the different sectors, i.e. the private, the public and the cooperative sectors rendering the information and communication services in the field of the international, long distance, inter-province and inter-operator networks as well as the communication networks of the specific regions.
In addition, we are committed to take the fair and non-discriminatory steps to create a dynamic and knowledge-based environment, respect and satisfy the customer as well as support and direct the other activists of the field of the communications services. This mission requires TIC, emphasizing on the foresight, use the latest technologies of the world in its network and also introduce and provide the modern services to its customers in order to play its role as the pioneer of the communications and information technology of the country and preserve the national interests. Furthermore, TIC intends to be actively present in the international and regional issues, taking the strategic and geopolitical situation of the country as well as the opportunities into consideration. In this way, honesty, the adherence to the legal liabilities and principles, to pay attention to the social interests, to use the management systems and promptness is the top agenda of TIC.
To establish,  execute,  put into operation, market, develop, improve,  maintain, supervise and manage the national telecommunications infrastructural network and data communications,
To meet the communication infrastructural needs of the applicants in the public, private and cooperative sectors rendering the telecommunication services in accordance with the international standards,
To cooperate with the other telecommunication operators in the field of exchanging the communications and transiting the international traffic,
To prepare and compile the comprehensive plans in the field of the communications infrastructure and the data communications networks on the basis of the requirements, needs, standards and regulations,
To prepare and approve the technical and specialized instructions, regulations, criteria, and standards required by the company in the field of establishing, developing, and maintening and putting into operation the infrastructural network.
Connection to the national IP network (intranet),
Connection to VPN/MPLS network,
Inter-city traffic transfer (Interconnection),
International traffic transfer (Interconnection),
Border-to-border international traffic transfer,
Connection to the global internet network,
Connection to the global internet network for the telecommunications operators of  the neighbouring countries,
Local and international telex,
Leased lines (Data-HL),
Telecommunication facilities (space, electricity (power  supply),  pole)
Transfer of audio-visual bandwidth,
VSAT satellite bandwidth.
To pay attention to the materialistic and intellectual requirements of the staff.
To interact with the operators and the customers constructively in order to response to their current and future communication needs.
To pay attention to the principle of meritocracy, to find and raise the talents of the staff and to believe in the young people.
To pay attention to the principle of innovation in the processes and services.
To be pioneer in applying the modern technologies to improve the communications infrastructure network qualitatively and quantitatively.
To support and pay special attention to the capabilities of the local industries and attempt to use the capacity of the non-governmental and private sectors, to enhance the local capabilities and localize the technology.
To outsource the projects at the highest level in compliance with the principle of non-attachment to a specific brand or company, emphasize on maintaining the role of supervision and policy making of the company, manage the access to the network and the technical know-how particularly toward the overseas suppliers in order to encounter the specific circumstances such as sanction.
To pay attention to the transfer of the knowledge and experiences of the staff and to avoid the accumulations of the experiences with the staff.
To optimize the usage of the provisions of the existing laws and regulations for moving forward the use of the fulfillment of the objectives of the company.
The impressive and effective presence in the international and regional environment.
The positive interaction with the other organizations in order to utilize the capacities created by them to increase the sustainability and reliability of the network through maintaining the governing position of TIC.
To coordinate and cooperate with all the organizations and institutions in order to accelerate the achievement to the common goals.