First phase of Iraqi data transit through Iran

Iran's unique position in the Middle East as a bridge for East-West communication and access to the open sea in the south of the country, has created a special place for Iran the world to transit the international communication traffic via this vast country. Telecommunication Infrastructure Company as the only institution of governance over ICT infrastructure of the country and as the government representative in ICT has done numerous projects and studies in the field of international communications aimed at developing telecommunication sector and its revenues.

Length of the project (first phase)


3,700 Km

Length of the project (first phase)

Transmission capacity of the first phase


200 Gpbs

Transmission capacity of the first phase

Final capacity


1 Tbps

Final capacity

Telecommunication Infrastructure Company’s plan to transit its international traffic on the fiber optic network of Tavanir Company is a large long term project that large and long-term projects that Provides the possibility to take advantage of the fiber optic network on the country's electricity transmission network . The capacity of optical fibers contained in this network was used to meet just communication needs of The Ministry of Energy . Connecting this network to the country’s main telecommunication network and using it in communications transit project was actually a new capacity that can provide mutual benefits to all parties.
This project ,with the aim of transiting communication traffic of Iraq and Armenia via border points of Marivan and Ghasreshirin in the west and Norduz in the north of Iran, contains two main and backup routes within eight provinces of the country.
The OWJ project was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in August 2012 and it was decided that a part of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company’s international transit traffic to be done on surplus fiber optic network of Tavanir Company.


Achievements of the project:


  • High volume increase of international traffic transit capacity
  • Rising international credit
  • Foreign exchange earnings
  • The use of national potential in the field of fiber-optic network of the country’s power network and the capital of domestic firms
  • Creating backup lines for transmission network
  • Paving the way for becoming a regional hub

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Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, affiliated to the ministry of ICT, is responsible for creating, developing, managing, organizing, supervising, maintaining and implementing the main communications backbone of the country.


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