The project of new transmission Gateway for Europe – Iran Communications

At present, the main route linking East to the West passes through the Suez Channel and bab-el-Mandeb, which is populated and critical area. Many Consortiums in the world are forming to provide an alternative path for this route .

About 3,000 shorter
compared to submarine
systems on the route


3,000 Km

About 3,000 shorter compared to submarine systems on the route

Submarine part



Submarine part

Initial capacity


540 Gbps

Initial capacity

The designed capacity


3,2 Tbps

The designed capacity

کره زمین
EPEG Project links Europe and Asia through Germany, Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran and finds a way from south of Iran to Oman and the open sea, and will be the first alternative path for Suez Channal route.
The vision of Europe - Iran project is to transfer 3.2 Tbps and the full implementation of this project will provide a safe shortcut that can be an alternative to regional and international operators . The project will transform Iran into a regional telecommunication hub.





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